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The Multimeat Production System


Using Multimeat rams is a game changer for the lamb industry because it enables lamb producers to breed prolific ewes with a single cross. The crossbred ewes produced will lamb at  over 200% and will wean 25­30% more lambs when coupled with the correct management system.


Weaning percentages in our industry have not changed for 30 years and we are now in the middle of another campaign trying to increase our turnoff rates by encouraging us to feed our sheep better. It is true that the industry should take steps to provide better nutrition in late pregnancy and increase the survival of lambs born as multiples but this by itself will do little to improve turnoff rates.


The feeding of ewes to increase fecundity that is the number of lambs conceived per ewe is seldom profitable. The feeding of ewes to increase fertility that is the number of ewes pregnant can be. Only ewe lambs and 1.5 year old ewes will sometimes need to be fed to increase the number of ewes pregnant in our system.


Download here for the full Multimeat Production System  (pdf 1.8mb)

 Multimeat crossbred ewes with 170% lambs at foot.

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